The 5th Sami Culture Policy Summit 8 mars kl 10-15

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Time: Friday 8 March 2024 10 – 15
Place: Västra Paviljongen, Skolgatan 67 A, Umeå/Ubmeje Sweden (live + digital)

Welcome to the 5th Sami Culture Policy Summit 2024!
This meeting (in English) continues to contribute to the future of Sámi cultural rights: 10 years after Umeå2014: Sámi cultural policy talks – perspectives on large-scale international cultural projects
Kultuvrrastárieh, Sápmi jah Arctic Arts Summit / Kulturhuvudstäder, Sápmi och Arctic Arts Summit.

Umeå Sami Association, Såhkie, invites cultural actors in Sápmi and Nordic countries, international and indigenous experts, Sami culture organizations and artists, government agencies, politicians, civil servants, researchers, and professionals as well as citizens with an interest in the Sami community.

Link for the streamed conference on Region Norr and on YouTube -The 5th Sami Culture Policy Summit 2024

10.00 Welcoming ceremony with
Chair Såhkie Lena Maria Nilsson, board member in Viermie K Oskar Östergren Njajta and County Governor of Västerbotten Helene Hellmark Knutsson.
Maj-Doris Rimpi and Åsa Simma reads The fifteenth chief.

Moderator: Maria Utsi, Cultural leader, Tromsö Sapmi/Norway

10.30-12.00 National and international experiences – what are the effects?
Meghan Lau representing Canada Council for the Arts
Michelle LaVallee, Director Indigenous Ways and Curatorial Initiatives, National Gallery of Canada
Ooleepeeka Eegeesiak, Curatorial Assistant from National Gallery of Canada
Fredrik Lindegren Umeå2014 Sweden
Lars Magne Andreassen Bodö2024 Sapmi/Norway (digital)
Michael Lindblad Såhkie Umeå Sámi Association, Sapmi/Sweden

12.00-12.50 Lunch – a light lunch and drink is provided

12.50-13.40 Indigenous artists perspectives on large-scale cultural projects
Tomas Colbengtsson Artist Sapmi/Sweden
Michelle LaVallee, Director Indigenous Ways and Curatorial Initiatives, National Gallery of Canada
Ooleepeeka Eegeesiak, Curatorial Assistant Indigenous Ways and Curatorial Initiatives, National Gallery of Canada
Artists from Sapmi/Finland and Sapmi/Norway

13.40-14.00 Coffee break with dialogue in pairs prior to up-coming panel discussion

14.00-15.00 What about the future projects and the Sami culture? Panel discussion

Linde Lindkvist The Swedish Institute for Human Rights Sweden

Panel discussion
Veronica Lamppa Lönnbro Swedish Arts Council Sapmi/Sweden
Stefan Larsson Sámi Parliament Sapmi/Sweden
Amanda Lind Chair Committee on Cultural Affairs, Swedish Parliament Sweden
Per Olof Nutti Kiruna (2029) Sapmi/Sweden
Åsa Simma Viermie K Sapmi
Aino Valovirta Oulu2026 Sapmi/Finland
Anne Wuolab Sámi Council Sapmi

By inviting Sami, indigenous and other experts we want to problematize and explore the effects of large-scale cultural projects, European Capital of Culture and Arctic Arts Summit, from an indigenous perspective. Highlighting progress, legal grounds and challenges, the Summit aims to strengthening democracy and the Sámi culture policies in Sápmi.

Buerie Båeteme! Buerestbåhtieme! Burist båhtem! Buorisboahtem! Bures boahtin! Welcome!

Såhkie Umeå Sami association together with Viermie K and with the support from the Sami Council, Umeå municipality and Region Västerbotten, The Embassy of Canada and National Gallery of Canada. In collaboration with Arctic Arts Summit.

Producers Såhkie: Michael Lindblad and Maja Bonta
Såhkie – Umeå Sámi Association, Chair Lena Maria Nilsson, info(at)


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